Every home looks elegant and warm because of the beautiful carpet. People explore hundreds of designs and then finalise a perfect match for the home interior. But, the carpets can’t stay flawless and clean for a long time. Some stubborn stains ruin the look of the carpet with time. In homes where kids and pets stay, it could be hard for the owners to maintain a clean carpet. For convenient and quick carpet stain removal, many professional services are available. You could book the service on any day and get rid of the ugly stains. If the stains are not too dark and infused in the strands, then you could follow some methods given in this article.

Basic Steps to Remove Stains from Carpet

The process mentioned below would be followed for all kinds of stains. The stain removal solution would be changed for different kinds of stains.

Clean the Spill

Clean the Spill

Did your wine glass fall on the carpet? Did your dog pee on the carpet? Don’t allow the liquid spills to become stains. You should immediately bring a towel or blotting paper to absorb the excess liquid or oil.

Blot the Stain Away

Blot the Stain Away

When you leave the stain removal solvent on the carpet, the bond between the stain particles breaks down. You should take a blotting paper and gently remove the stains at the end. Make it a point to dry the carpet after the treatment.

Spray Carpet Spot Removal Product

Spray Carpet Spot Removal Product

You could make some customised stain removal products at home. With some basic ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, warm water, and dishwashing liquid, you could make an effective product. After removing the excess liquid, you should spray the solvent on the stains.

How to Remove a Stain from the Carpet?

A carpet has to suffer a lot because of excessive foot traffic. Babies and pets often urinate on the carpet. The adults spill food and beverages on the carpet. Even after trying hard, it is not possible to keep the carpet sparkling clean. If your carpet has become a victim of some common stains, the following methods could be beneficial in removing them:

For Blood Stain Removal

If there are blood stains on your carpet, then you should remove them as soon as possible. These stains become darker with time and could cause infection. To remove the blood stain, you can use club soda or warm water.

For Urine Stain Removal

Urine stains could take a toll on your health. Firstly, you should use blotting paper to absorb the excess urine from the carpet. Then, you could prepare a mixture in a spray bottle by mixing lukewarm water, dishwashing detergent and ammonia. To break the urine stain particles, you have to rub the liquid on the stains. Give at least 15 minutes for the carpet stain removal solvent to react. Lastly, use a wet towel and clean the stained area.

For Chocolate Stain Removal

To remove stains from carpet, you could use a knife first. Scrape off the chocolate that is stuck on the carpet. If there is melted chocolate on the carpet, then you ice cubes to harden it. Once you scrape off the chocolate particles; use a vacuum cleaner to collect them.

You could take one cup of lukewarm water and mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Apply this mixture to the stain and leave it for around 5 minutes. Light and fresh stains are often treated with this remedy.

For Coffee or Tea Spot Removal

Isn’t it amazing to sit on the sofa and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee? But, the enjoyment turns into a nightmare when the cup falls on the carpet and leaves some horrible stains. Well, there is nothing to panic about. You could remove the stains with a simple method.

You should start by gently rubbing the blotting paper on the team or coffee. Absorb the excess liquid from the carpet. Take hydrogen peroxide and dish soap in the proportion of 2:1. Now, apply this solvent to the stain for a few seconds. Use a blotting paper or wet cloth to rinse off the residue. If you don’t know how to get stains out of carpet, then you could give this method a try.

Candle Wax

Scented candles could enlighten the mood but could also spoil the carpet with their wax. If you have noticed melted wax on the candle, then you should harden it with an ice pack. Then, you could take a knife and scrape off the excess wax.

To remove the spots from the carpet, you can make a stain removal product. Take rubbing alcohol and rub it with a wet cloth. Don’t forget to dry the carpet after cleaning.

Dirt Stains

Walking with dirty and wet shoes on the carpet could leave tough stains on the carpet. These stains spoil the carpet and create an unhygienic condition in the house. To eliminate these spots from the carpet, you can make a DIY stain cleaner by mixing vinegar, warm water and dishwashing liquid.

When to Call the Experts?

Home remedies are cheap and effective up to a certain extent. For a few light stains, you can surely try them. But, you would need help from professionals to eliminate tough and dark stains. The stains formed because of blood and urine can’t be ignored because they carry germs. So, call the experts if you feel that DIY hacks can’t work on the stains. Professionals not only eliminate the stains but also save your carpet from further damage.


It is common for different things to leave hard stains on the carpets. But, the methods of stain removal mentioned in the guide could be beneficial in maintaining clean carpets. But, remember that the effectiveness of home remedies can’t be compared with professional Emergency Flood Restoration Brisbane service. After a few months, you need to hire experts for intense cleaning and stain removal treatments.

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